Creamed Squash Au Gratin

see notes below b/4 prep    



1   2 lb squash  cooked, mashed with   

1/4 c   butter  ( can be done a day or so ahead)     

Add and stir to mix   

1 1/4 c cubed sharp cheddar cheese   

1 c      sour cream  (plain yogurt)   

1/2c    chopped onion   

1/3c    grated parmesan cheese   

1/4c    dry white wine             

S and P to taste    

Pour into 11" gratin dish, lightly oiled   

Top w/1c fresh bread crumbs mixed w/3T melted butter   

Bake 350*  20 to 30 min or bubbly and top is golden   

Serves 6    


A Personal Note:

I would not have used 1/4 c butter in the mash but perhaps 1 or 2 tbsp for flavour.    I didn't use the wine.  Replaced sour cream w/ some amount of yogurt but not 1c    Used some of the grated parmesan for topping.  (topping is just to make it look pretty and I find about 1 T parmesan works as well as bread crumbs;  it's good on most savoury dishes calling for   crumbs, esp when there are no crumbs on hand)  Be creative and try your version - it will be great!

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