Kombucha On Tap — A Calgary First!

We've been keeping a BIG secret and now it's time to let it out!

We are so excited to announce that Market 17 is the FIRST place in Calgary where you can find kombucha (aka 'buch' or 'booch') ON TAP!

Yep, that bubbly fermented tea that is rich in good-for-you bacterial culture is here, available by the glass and soon to be available in refillable take-home bottles and growlers!

Come in and try a glass!

~ small (12 oz) - $4.00
~ large (16 oz) - $5.50

COMING SOON: Refillable take-home glass bottles!

Glass bottles are a one-time purchase.
(no returning to Market 17 for a refund - it's yours to own)

~ 33 oz empty bottle with rubber stopper - $6.00

~ 64 oz growler with twist cap - $7.00

Bring it in for refills and add up the savings!


Fill that 33 oz bottle up for $10.50

Fill that 64 oz growler up for $18.50


Current flavours: Lychee or Ginger
(This first batch is made with organic ginger from Market 17!)

Please help us congratulate Conrad of True Buch Kombucha Calgary in launching this awesome new local, raw, organic 'buch in Calgary!