Our Product Philosophy

Our list to the left is just an overview of the great product lines we carry. (L) is for LOCALLY PRODUCED PRODUCTS and (C) is for CANADIAN PRODUCTS.

We really value all of the great producers that supply Market 17. We genuinely hand pick every product you'll find on our shelves. Every item we carry has been selected because it fits our high standards and personal criteria.

We have a lot to offer shoppers who believe in the importance of local small business. We believe in developing and actively participating in a community of people who share our opinion that it's important to understand the food that goes into our bodies and the products we bring into our homes.

As much as we can, we support the best local Calgary, Alberta, B.C. and other Canadian producers. We work with many fantastic farmers and food artisans who supply our quality produce, meats, breads, eggs, dairy, cheeses, coffees, oils and other products. In addition to the edible stuff we also have a great assortment of natural health & body care products such as lotions, deodorant, toothpaste, shampoos, homeopathic medicine, vitamins and supplements.

With everything we carry, our focus is on sustainable, ethical and natural products — things that are good for you! "Good for you" doesn't have to mean boring, which is why we are constantly researching what's new and exciting to bring you items that are not just healthy for you and for the environment but are also FUN to use. It's okay to want your natural soap and lip balm to smell and feel great, and come in cool packaging too!


At Market 17 we are striving to be your favourite source for your daily food needs and all of the other items you need to live an active, healthy lifestyle.

If you're looking for something in particular please call or email us and we'll do our best to help you!