Basic Roots



How We Started

We originally started out selling raw, bulk foods to people looking for high quality ingredients for their recipes. Shortly thereafter, we realized there was a real need for ready to go, delicious, pre-made raw foods, especially for those wanting to lead a more raw lifestyle but don’t always have the time to make the food themselves. As a result, basic roots was created.

What We Strive for

We at basic roots strive to create the best tasting, high quality raw food products that we can. We soak, sprout and dehydrate all nuts, seeds, and grains before using them in the final product. We consciously add ingredients that increase the nutrient value while still maintaining a product that tastes delicious. We believe in taking the extra time that is necessary to create enzyme active and nutrient rich food. Basic roots also believes in buying from and supporting local suppliers whenever possible, that grow organically, wildcrafted or pesticide-free food.