Hotchkiss Herbs & Produce


It all started in 1986 when Paul Hotchkiss, a fan of BLT sandwiches, set out to grow a perfect tomato.


In a makeshift greenhouse in his backyard he began his journey into the world of produce and eventually, along with his wife Tracy, made his way to a piece of land southeast of Calgary. It was there that, even before the house was constructed, Paul had a greenhouse built to accommodate his passion for growing things.

His tomato adventures were limited initially by a previous career choice in the oil and gas industry and so grew vegetables primarily for his own pleasure. It didn’t take long for Paul to realize that 4,000 square feet of greenhouse space produced a lot of veggies and thus a business was born. That business was initially a part-time job for Paul. He hired an individual to help with the sales, growing and delivering of the tomatoes. In 1998 Paul made a lifestyle change by leaving the oil and gas world to turn his hobby into a year-round business.

He focused on heirloom tomatoes and over time experimented with at least 100 varieties. Eventually, through trial and error, Paul came up with a short list of his top 20 favourites, which seemed to grow well in the little ecosystem he had created. Over time, Paul expanded the operation to include other produce and now can offers a variety of organically grown produce and herbs.