Lund's Organic Farm


Lund's Organic Farm is a certified organic family farm located 1.5 kilometres northwest of the town of Innisfail, Alberta. It has been certified organic since 1988 (since 1993 in its current location).

They grow a variety of vegetables, with an emphasis on cold weather crops such as carrots, spinach, lettuce and several potato varieties. Cool weather crops grow very well in cool, shady Central Alberta. Most summers here are too short and cold for heat loving crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and corn. Lund's farmland is mostly gently rolling hills with an abundance of natural shelterbelts and waterways. The soil is rich and black and 12-24 inches deep. It was used as pasture before Lund's took over the farm and has therefore never been sprayed with chemicals of any sort.
Soil fertility is maintained with the use of various varieties of grain. At the moment, Lund's runs a 3-year rotation: growing grains for two years, plowing them into the ground, and growing vegetables the third year.

Lund's has also set aside wildlife refuge for native birds and mammals to help control insects and pests in crops, and also to maintain a balanced farm ecosystem. All waterways are protected, as are nesting sites for many native birds.

Certified organic vegetables have been produced in accordance with specific guidelines and organic standards, as established by the certifying agency. Each year, Lund's farm is inspected by an independent inspector to verify that it meets, or exceeds the standards.