Silver Sage Beef



No hormones, No antibiotics, No animal by-products in the feed... ever!
Our promise to you
Our cattle are humanely raised in a natural environment, roaming and grazing freely on open pastures of nutritious prairie short grass for most of their lives. Just before winter sets in, calves are weaned and put on a high roughage diet - primarily hay and green feed - for about five months. In the spring, yearlings are returned to graze on open pasture, allowing them to grow naturally on a grass diet in a healthy stress-free environment with clean air and water, and lots of sunshine and space to roam.
All Silver Sage cattle are free from synthetic hormones and therapeutic antibiotics. And no animal by-products in the feed. Ever.
At maturity, Silver Sage cattle are finished for about 100 days at the Scheibner family farm near Gem, Alberta on a diet of hay and silage, supplemented with barley and other grains. Grain finishing strongly enhances both the marbling and flavour of the beef. Our beef is processed at Pure Country Meats, a locally-owned, provincially-inspected facility in Strathmore, Alberta. Silver Sage Beef is dry aged for superb flavour and tenderness. And all animals in the Silver Sage program are age-verified and fully traceable.
Silver Sage Beef. Naturally the best.